Monday, 17 October 2011

Business Cards

An important part of running your own small business is networking - meeting people to work with and potentially meeting new clients. For a graphic designer I realised it's also very useful for research purposes. I go home at the end with a stack of Business Cards. I often design those (usually) 85mm x 55mm pieces of card that are passed out and have a very important job to do. These are two of my favourites from recent networking events:-

the card that likes to talk is a great idea for photographer, Jane Massey, and

the little card with the scanable details brings business cards into the 21st Century for Alternative Copy

For even more creative inspiration check out Cardonizer.


  1. Hi Jen,
    Thanks so much for including one of my cards - I'm so pleased you like them! People always comment on the QR code, which helps them remember me a little bit more and that, after all, is the point of the card! Love the blog - keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for allowing me to feature it, Sian. It's a great little design!