Wednesday 30 June 2010

It's academic!

An academic poster is very different from an advertising poster. Not only for the vast quantities of text that are required to go on it but also for the graphs and diagrams that are an integral part.

When designing this poster for an academic conference, I approached it more from the point of view of laying out a double page spread for a magazine.

I think the result is eye catching but still maintains all the information required to get the point across. I was told that one conference delegate got the reference to the "one with the hot air balloon" and picked up a copy because it looked good. Hopefully, she will have time at a later date to actually read the content!

Monday 14 June 2010

Botanic Garden

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I've now completed my two day photography course at Edinburgh Botanic Garden. With around 500 photos still to go through from this Saturday's course it may be some time before I get these onto Flickr. In the meantime you can see what I took on the first day. I spent an hour in each of the rock garden and the alpine garden so these are a mixture.

I got some very good feedback on my images including that I was giving a different perspective of the garden to most of the other people taking part in the course.

If anyone can name any of the flowers I'd love to hear from you as you'll see I've named them pink, blue etc!

Friday 4 June 2010


As a bit of a type geek I love this book - Hyperactivitypography which is available to flick through on the site. Not sure I'd manage all the activities as there's an impressive amount of thought gone into them all. I'm gutted to learn that they've sold out so we will all have to make do with the online version.

I found this book and lots of other very cool stuff on the Swiss Miss blog

Thursday 3 June 2010

After a bit of a creative lull I feel like my mojo's back with lots of ideas buzzing around my head for items to sell in my Etsy shop. Now I just need to get working on them and make them available to you all!

I'm also trying to establish the best way to make my items available to people in the UK as etsy only uses US $. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas I'd love to hear from you.