Wednesday 19 March 2014

Little Wonders

Logos are interesting to design. I enjoy the research stage, finding out what the business does and working out how to represent it. No research was required for this logo for the Little Wonders toddler group though. Being a mum myself I am very familiar with the business of toddlers.

I wanted it to be fun and where there are toys there is fun. Not wanting to resort to the primary colours I instead went for a palette of orange, green and yellow. The trio is bright and cheerful but also a little sophisticated to appeal to all the mummies and daddies.

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Quest for Success

Design is a process. Once I receive a brief my creativity gets to work until I have something to show the client. Thereafter it tends to go back and forth until both of us are completely satisfied.

The work I did for Quest for Success was different. Karen & I always seemed to be on the same page. The concepts to be illustrated were challenging; resistance to change, strengthening personal impact but my brain really enjoyed being stretched. And I'm really pleased with the results. Sticking to the core colours kept them simple yet completely on brand.

Checkout the Quest for Success website to find out more about Karen's great work.