Tuesday 11 August 2009

Yummy magazine

Student project to design and layout a front cover and four double page spreads for a magazine of our choosing.

Healthy Hub

Student project to design an identity for The Healthy Hub. A Community Interest Company running a wholefoods retail facility, café restaurant, small business and research facilities. The facilities are aimed at thirty something mums, students, people who care and people who have a disposable income.

Design included logo, stationery, promotional materials, website, packaging and menus.

Final Design Brief (of my HND)

My final HND brief was to design an identity for the Healthy Hub which among other things was a cafe. These are the front cover and double page spreads from Wholesome magazine, a publication by the Healthy Hub as part of that identity.

Monday 10 August 2009

Parisienne Graffiti

Photograph of graffiti on a wall taken on a trip to in Paris December '08

Carefree Californian Wine

College project to design a wine bottle label for Carefree Californian Wine. Design used illustrations by Alan Fletcher and a scrunched up piece of paper around the bottle.

Galaxy Chocolate

College project to design posters including a limited edition logo to advertise a special edition Galaxy chocolate bar called Happiness. Melted galaxy chocolate was used to write the words happy and chocolate.

German poster

Typography idea based on posters seen in Munich in May '09

Randon illustration

A random illustration that was the result of playing with illustrator.

Sunday 9 August 2009

first post

hello! Welcome to my new blog.